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Dependable Solutions That Helps You Fulfill the Mission

With us you can be assured of top notch service and excellent support from a team that constantly innovates for the betterment of the client.  

That is our brand promise. 

Extensive Skills & Codebase

Signing up with Reliva means access to our extensive skills and codebase esp OpenSource languages & frameworks.

Solid Project Management

We are firm believers of managing a project well to completion using best PMP throughout the SDLC.

Experienced & Tested Team

With experience of over 100+ projects big and small . our team takes on all and any project with confidence .

Case Study 

Systems Development & Apps

Payment Portal and Enhanced Payment Backend Management System for a University .   


Centralised system for Season Parking fees for numerous facilities nationwide. 


On demand delivery system with user app, rider app and Central Order management system.



User Requirement Study

Process of gathering requirement and stake holder buy in


Planning & Resource Fit

Determining resource and solution fit .  Adherence to timeline and budget



Agile Software Development Lifecycle and Surge Tactics for problem spots. 



Warranty period , bug tracking , patch management., incident management


Take Control of Your Business Processes With our proven methodology

No matter the size or the complexity , we strive to get things done with excellence  above and beyond the required. 


Frequently Asked Questions

We are more open to projects that we have expertise and experience with .  We be honest , we specialise in open source especially PHP and the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySqL, PHP) stack . 

We don't do everything , but what we do , we do well.

Having said that , we are alway exploring new tech and new methods of doing things. Lets discuss !

Yes , Especially relating to our core expertise - systems that deal with revenue collection.

For project management , we use Agile . 

We also use frameworks extensively for programming  such as Laravel and Cake.

For apps , hybrid is the way , so Flutter

Yes .

As no man is an island, no company can do everything on its own. 

We are open to collaborating towards end clients bigger requirements.

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