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DuitNow OBW OnBoarding and Implementation

Reliva is proud to announce that it has been appointed as a PSA to assist onboarding and implementation of DuitNow OBW , Paynet’s RealTime Payment Platform (RPP)

Our Features

Proven Solutions That Get The Job Done

Front End Web/ App Presentment

Whether stand alone websites , mega payment portals , PWA sites or Apps , the team at Reliva will build the best presentment layer for your needs

E-Payment Integration Core (EPIC)

The heart of the process , our proprietary core solution provides the integration , management , processing and dashboard layer for the entire
e-payment flow.

Payment Gateways Integration

Registration , integration and deployment of payment gateways for FPX (Financial Payment Exchange) , Credit Cards & DuitNow OBW (Online Banking and Wallets)


Design and Requirements

We assisted the process from ideation to solution fit


3rd Party liaison and Integrations

We assisted the liaison and integrations to banks and gateways



Development and Implementation was done over an 8 months period


Final Result

Mega payment portal with 18 agencies and 25 service types. Throughput in access of RM60 mil per annum

Case Study

A State Government planned to build a One Stop Centre Payment Portal

A One Stop Centre Payment Hub for the People , with a Super Portal , mobile App , API integrations and comprehensive dashboard for managing the entire payment process. 

Any Which Way to Get Paid

Enabling Multiple Payment Methods


Paynet’s Financial Process Exchange (FPX) is the main payment method for online banking with 28 participating banks.

Credit Card

Credit Card payments using the MIGS or MPGS ( is popular method of payment. Works for Mastercard or Visa.

DuitNow OBW

Real time payment protocol (RPP).Next gen replacement program for FPX. Settlement by Online Banking and E-wallet payments combined.

Recurring Payments

For recurring payments of monthly , yearly tenure. Onboarding is done via Paynet’s e-Mandate or DirectDebit system

DuitNow QR 

Another service via Paynet’s DuitNow for on site payment using static or dynamic QR codes.

Terminal Payments

Point of sale payments through. handheld terminals using card or NFC devices.


Frequently Asked Questions

Government agencies , corporations , cooperatives and NGOs are some of our clients.

Usually our clientele are bodies, agencies and corporates that face some complexity in the payment flow or process flow. 

But never say never...

We provide and support a wide range of online as well as onsite payment methods such as FPX (B2B, B2C) , Credit Card (MIGS and MPGS) , DuitNow OBW (Online Banking & Wallets) , Duitnow QR (Static, Dynamic), Recurring Payments (OnDebit), as well as Payment  Terminals (Card present, NFC)   

We provide end to end solutions along the payment flow . From bill presentment via web or mobile, payment methods  to transaction monitoring and reporting , we have solutions that fulfil your needs.  

DuitNow Online Banking and Wallet (OBW) is new Realtime Payment Protocol by Paynet. 

It is the replacement program for FPX and will take centre stage for 2024 as FPX will be phased out by 2025. 

Reliva is tasked with assisting onboarding and implementation of DuitNow OBW via our appointment as PSA (Payment Service Agent)

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