Newest technology for Transactions

Decentralised Ledger Technology

Our Features

The Future of value transmission

Blockchain with its decentralised , trustless , transparent structure will revolutionise the  way value is transmitted in the near future. Long life the fighters !

Multi Chain Experience

Our team has experience in over 12 projects on blockchain covering from ethereum to omni chain.

Multiple Capabilities

From building dApps to the surrounding support system such as websites and wallet and gateways.

Growing Code Base

With each new project , we perfect our craft and can bring that expertise into the next .


dApps Development

We build Decentralised Apps (dApps) on the chain for clients.  Mostly on the Ethereum Network.


Node creation and Management

Nodes are the lifeblood and oracle of any blockchain project. We make creating and running nodes seem easy.


Blockchain as a Service

Blockchain is now offered as service . We use extensively Kaleidoscope and Infura for quick results.


Program Management

From ICOs to IEOs , chain support and marketing , we’ve assisted companies all over enter the world of blockchain. 

Our work

Blockchain is the most exciting technology to come out in recent years..

The technology is fine. What you do with it is the more interesting question. 

We’re here to help.

Case Study 

Blockchain Projects

United Arab Emirates

A utility token program to fundraise via an Initial Coin Offering,  crypto tokens for a Ultra Capacitor Technology Company in China



Maintenance and support for the Tracto Chain , a fork of Ethereum including daily chain record anomaly fixing and node troubleshooting/



Development and support for nodes 5 tokens including Bitcoin , Ethereum, Solana, Tether and Kunci used by the Qoinpay Exchanger and App.



Frequently Asked Questions

We did an ICO for a company in the early days - as technical partner. ICO raised USD 36 mil in 24 hours, 

We were just paid for tech work on fixed fee though . Didn't make much but it was a good learning experience. 

Ethereum and its many offsprings,  Solidity  programming language wise.

Practical use of the blockchain tech in everyday use - Tracking , authenticity applications and decentralised record keeping comes to mind.

We can provide the tech service but we won't  take a stake in the project. 

Arrangement is purely fixed fee services work. 

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