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The team has been deploying E-Payment projects in Malaysia since 2008. Our services and products have evolved over time to cater to the changing landscape.


Project Consultancy

Base requirement . Suitability of e-Payment. Planning , researching, project paper

Prepatory Works

Liaison with relevant bodies , authorities and organisations. User requirement studies.

System Architecture

Solution and infra architecture. System requirements and code base.

3rd Party Integration

API based integration with multiple 3rd party dependent systems. .

E-Payment Channels

FPX, Credit Card , E-Wallet , Direct Debit , E-mandate and the suitability of each

Web and App Development

Payment portal , mobile app , one stop centre for e-payment


Real Time Payment Processing

Instantly have monies credited to your account without any waiting period or payment treshold.

System Message Flow

Monitor and record the whole payment message flow from request to response. .

Core E-Payment Management System

Our core EPIC system serves as the heart of the e-payment project.

Payment Gateway Management

Manage the various payment gateways in real time.

Transaction Requery

Intantly requrery all payment attempts that are not resolved in a timely manner

Transanction Reconciliation

Auto reconcile all transactions with bank records T+1


Transaction Reporting

Generate reports on individual and aggregate transaction data in relation time.

Reporting Integration

Integrate data to 3rd party feeder systems including iSpecs , IGRMAS and others.

Transaction Analytics

Display key metrics in an easy to understand dashboard available on the web and also App.

Dispute Handling

Forensic for disputed transactions and resolution process.

Consolidated View

View metrics across various payment gateways, methods and banks,

Big Data Analytics

Generate data for analytics to be stored in a data warehouse in use with other data for future predictive planning


Extra modules and special cusomizations.

Fraud Detection and Management

3rd Party Fraud Detection software integration.

Multi Currency Payments

Work with banks to enable multi currency cross border settlement of bills.

Recurring Payments

Put in place Direct Debit , E-mandate or Easy Payment Plan as required by customer.

Cross Border Remittance

Work with a partner to enable cross border money transfer for registered users.

Platform Payments

Power marketplaces , communities , fund raising ventures

Future Technology

New Technology such as the DuitNow OBW and CBDC as settlement mechanism.

We are building the Future of Payments