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We provide custom built enterprise grade solutions for Government ,Corporates and Organisations seeking to harness the power of borderless and real time transactions.

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Solutions That Enables Transactions

Carefully crafted solutions to solve your needs

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We provide solutions that are tailor made for each client, understanding the mission is unique.

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Our solutions are designed for ease of deployment and scalable. Easy to setup , maintain and utilise from anywhere at anytime.

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We support OpenSource and make full use of API and automation to ensure excellent support and compatibility

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Projects big and small , clients in Malaysia and abroad , complexity levels in the full range of spectrum of difficulties – we are here to help


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Frequently Asked Questions

Reliva is an e-Payment and Solutions Specialist company headquartered in Damansara , Kuala Lumpur. 

Reliva is an MOF Malaysia registered Bumiputera Company. 

Reliva has been appointed Payment Service Agent (PSA) by a few Banks , specifically relating to FPX , Credit Card and DuitNow.  We onboard , help customise and support.

Our main clientele remains Government , cooperatives and mid sized organizations that require a more complex payment flow.  

We provide and support a wide range of online as well as onsite payment methods such as FPX (B2B, B2C) , Credit Card (MIGS and MPGS) , DuitNow OBW (Online Banking & Wallets) , Duitnow QR (Static, Dynamic), Recurring Payments (OnDebit), as well as Payment  Terminals (Card present, NFC)   

We are actually quite focused on what we do . We build on past experience and expertise. 

Systems that we buiild are scalable , adequately supported and with a clear future path to enhancements. 

Preferably having e-payments (our passion) somewhere in there is a definite plus point 

Yes , we accept interns and fresh graduates to come join the team .  

We all begin from something else and  we will play our part in getting the next batch of IT talents ready and able to work and perform. 

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